Mac VPNs: What should you know about them?

“If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.’’
Richard Clarke

We are going to discuss how to select a VPN service for Macs. What things one should take into account, when he or she decides on VPN protection for Mac OS. You will know about the feature Mac VPN must have. Want to know the best part? Keep on reading!

Let’s start!

Mac computers are onwards and upwards on the market among other operating systems. Their users appreciate the best features they possess, including user-friendly interface and security provided for the computer. In previous articles we came to conclusion that any OS needs protecting against online threats. It is reported that in comparison with Windows Mac is attacked less commonly, and that’s good news for Mac users. The tendency is based on the fact that Windows is still more frequently applied, and it seems more beneficial for hackers as they may attack more internet visitors worldwide. Nonetheless, it is not all about that Mac is fully shielded against their interventions.

A VPN service is in great request among netizens all over the world. A VPN also works well with Mac computers. More and more Mac users apply a VPN for private and secure internet surfing. Haven’t you heard of VPN yet? Scan the information below for understanding what VPN stands for. (Any detailed information is provided in this article)

When someone connects to the network via VPN, the traffic first gets into a virtual tunnel created for VPN users. This traffic is imposed to encrypting, consequently when it goes out of the tunneling, it is protected against cyber attacks. Moreover, VPN gives internet users the opportunity to keep privacy and anonymity online. How? You hide the authentic IP-address and get connected via another server offered by a VPN provider.

Further we are going to discuss certain VPN’s aspects which we suppose are worthwhile for considering a VPN for Mac.

Servers: How many? What? Why?

If you want to take advantage of a VPN on your Mac, you definitely should consider what server locations you would need for your purposes. The more server spots are offered, the more tasks you may perform with the help of Mac VPN. A Mac VPN with a huge number of servers and IP-addresses will be more advantageous than that one with poor number of servers.

If you want to …

  • access Netflix on Mac, but it is not available in your country, consider a Mac VPN, for instance, with the US or Canadian servers. All in all, you should find the ones where Netflix is accessible;
  • bypass internet censorship in China, any foreign server should in access, when you are in China;
  • gamble online, consult the Internet where gambling websites are not restricted and choose Mac VPN offering such server locations;
  • access torrent websites, Mac VPN servers should be ultra-fast. American and German servers are stated to be the fastest.

Speed for Mac VPN

Connection speeds are not less important, even if you are not going to stream or play online games. It should be emphasized that connecting via VPN, the traffic has to travel longer: it goes to the server and only after that to the web-content. That is why it is believed that VPN makes internet connecting a bit slower. Choosing the one for Mac, check how fast the servers are.

You will not manage without ultra-fast VPN servers, in case you are …

  • an avid lover of high-quality online games;
  • a businessmen who wants to have video conferences, VoIP calling and others;
  • a fan of streaming video-content on Mac.

Private and secure internet connecting from Mac

We constantly focus your attention on the vital importance of advanced protection for your Mac. Taking into account lightning development of malicious software used by hackers, it is necessary to pay strong attention to the protocols of encrypting the data.

In one of our articles we have discussed 3 widely-used contemporary protocols. (Click the link refresh your knowledge on the topic). OpenVPN would be the best choice for protecting Mac as it is one of the most advances instruments.

What about privacy? If you care about private internet connections from Mac, check what privacy policy a VPN provider keeps. They should not keep users logs for ensuring the highest level of privacy.

We believe that those features are basic things you need to consider for protecting your Mac with VPN.

In addition, the following features providing extra defence for Mac would be rather beneficial:

  • Kill switch

It is the function that stops internet connecting, in case you encounter certain unexpected troubles with a VPN service.

  • Stealth mode

With this feature you will be able to bypass firewalls.

  • Protection against DNS leaks

This particular feature is for preventing information leakage so that no traffic can be stolen and misused by some dishonest strangers.

At conclusion

Having decided to protect a Mac with a VPN, one should consider some aspects of using a VPN for Mac. Firstly, think of the servers that are offered by VPN providers. Your requirements should be based on the number of servers and their locations. Secondly, depending of your personal needs and the fact that VPN is believed to slow down Internet connecting, pay attention to speed connections. Thirdly, don’t forget that your privacy and protection depends on the way your traffic is encoded. It is a good practice to have available such functions, as stealth mode, kill switch and DNS leaks protection for additional shield. Finally, to be fully-shielded against highly advanced virtual threats one should always apply streamline security instruments and combine them together to reach higher levels of Mac’s protection.

Keep your Mac protected from hacking! Good luck!