Do Macs become safer with VPNs?

“If you put a key under the mat for the cops, a burglar can find it, too. Criminals are using every technology tool at their disposal to hack into people’s accounts. If they know there’s a key hidden somewhere, they won’t stop until they find it.”

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO

Do Macs become safer with VPNs?

In this article we decided to tell you about how safe your Mac OS would with a VPN. Besides, you will read the information on Mac vulnerabilities. Do you think there are no Mac-targeted malicious codes and ransomware? Yes, there are. Actually, the list of Mac vulnerabilities is constantly extended. If you are interested, keep on reading!

Though Mac computers are thought to be less vulnerable to malware attacks than a PC, they can be infected by malicious software. The number of Mac-targeted viruses and malware is smaller, but despite this fact Mac OS should be enforced with security tools to enable anti-malware protecting.

What are Mac vulnerabilities?

Xagent is a type of malware that can steal keywords and make screenshots. The malware is aimed at grabbing Mac users’ sensitive data.

Another malware is Fruitfly, which conducts surveillance on targeted networks for a period up to two years.

MacDownloader is one of the latest malware that has attacked Mac computers. It was identified in February 2017 when the MacDownloaded software was hiding in a fake update to Adobe Flash. During the installation process you will get the message that you might have adware on your Mac. If you click ‘’remove’’ and type in your password, the MacDownloader malicious software will transfer it to a certain remote server.

KeRanger ransomware, which has been distributed with a piece of legitimate software. The kind of malware makes all of your data encoded and gives you two ways out: either to pay for the decryption or to never see those files.

Actually, there are two main ways of the malicious code distributing, either through a hijacked email or when iTunes is forced to open multiple times.

Therefore, as you see any system needs additional protection, even such advanced one in security terms as Mac OS. That’s exactly why it would be pretty helpful you to pay attention to such up-to-date tool, as a VPN for Mac.

Why is it secure to have a Mac VPN?

  • A Mac VPN is to make your network protected from multiple threats and free for accessing any web-resources from wherever you are.
  • What is more, all your generate traffic is to be thoroughly encoded, which makes all your confidential data protected from multiple threats including malicious codes distribution.
  • Moreover, your true address assigned by the ISP is to be substituted with a server’s one, which makes you defended from surveillance and uncontrolled identification.
  • Besides, it also makes you geo-free, which means you can go on a virtual journey as many times as you need. This helps you to overcome geo-blocking when travelling to some censoring and restrictive countries.
  • The feature is also helpful for torrent lovers, as long as torrenting is acknowledged as illegal activity in many countries, you will be able to connect to the internet through Spanish, Swiss or Russian server and get access to all the torrent websites.

5 frequently-asked questions about Mac’s security

Are Macs vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Some people might think they are not. Unfortunately, even the strongest operating systems are susceptible to virtual attacks and malware. Mac OS is no exception. There have been developed Mac –targeted viruses, malware and even ransomware by malicious technicians.

Is it necessary to install anti-virus software on your Mac?

Mac OS is ensured with sustainable protection against viruses. Still. Apple’s researchers are not always able to react to brand-new malicious codes written to attack Macs. That is why it would not be out of place to install some anti-virus apps which are free of charge. They can be Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition, ClamXav or Bitdefender.

How can I update Mac software?

To be protected on the network, Mac users should constantly update software. In order to perform this, one should go to the Mac App store and click on the updates. You will have to wait for Mac system scanning for available updates. At last, you need to click ‘’Update’’.

How to protect my Mac from malware?

If you want to protect your Mac against malware, you have to keep an eye on it. You’d better install anti-virus software for Mac, update Mac’s software and connect via VPN.

Can I get a Mac VPN?

Yes, there are plenty of VPN services developed for Mac OS. Every Mac user can try any of them and choose the one that would suit him or her best. It should be mentioned that Mac VPNs may be paid and free-of charge. Various paid VPN services may be also used for free during a trial period.

Are Mac VPNs legal?

Mac VPNs are not legally forbidden by the government. You may encounter some difficulties with visiting the websites of VPN providers in the countries where internet censorship is rather severe. Such states may block access t this web-content. That is why it would be more difficult the one which is available, but, of course, not all of them are blocked.

So, Mac computers are not 100%-defended against outside virtual attacks. Any Mac user must enforce his or her computer with any possible tools: anti-virus software, regular updates, VPN apps.

As far as the last instrument is concerned, it is compatible with various operating systems: Windows, iOS, Linux, including Mac. A VPN is a service that has a wide range of servers for internet users’ connections. All the traffic is encrypted as soon as it gets into VPN. ISPs as well as internet snoopers are not able to intercept it. They will have work cut out for them to decode it. The encryption code is not easy to crack!

Your online identity is different when you make use of a VPN service and hence the websites that you visit will also not be able to check out your data and your location. Anyone looking to find your online traffic will only see that you are connected to a VPN. Thus, you will be more confident surfing online under VPN protecting!

Good luck!