Which VPN is better for Mac: free or paid?

Nobody wants to be traced on the Internet. The issue of anonymous activity online becomes more and more popular. Whatever your operation system is, you deserve to stay safe when you are surfing the Net. For Mac users one of the best methods to link to any server is, of course, VPN. It is perhaps the most effective measure you can take to improve your safety online. Moreover, VPN encrypts all information transmitted between your Mac and any server.

Want to know the best part?

Reliable VPNs hide your data from the ISP, the government or hackers. Moreover, VPNs usually run servers throughout the world, it helps to avoid censorship, since you can merely connect to a server situated in a country where there is no such restriction. Are you a Mac user? No problems: all VPN services can be manually configured for Mac and OSX.

Which VPN to choose: Free or paid one?

They both run on the same principle — create a tunnel between a user and a website. They encrypt the data transferred and change your IP. However, in terms of the quality of services and the rate of anonymity, unpaid VPN services give rise to issues.

Here is the deal

Creation, support, development and promotion of VPN services involve certain expenses. We think none of the VPN developers wants to throw money away and engage in altruism. The project should at least pay off, not to mention a certain profit. So, we should understand that we will have to pay one way or another while using a free VPN service.

Distinctions between a free VPN and a paid one:

The truth is

  • Free VPN services very often save logs, thereby killing the whole point of using an anonymous connection.
  • They can have some limitations in speed, the number of simultaneous connections, the ability to send emails, etc.
  • Monetization of Free VPNs can occur with the help of obtrusive advertising.
  • A free VPN sometimes means just a test connection which is limited in time and functionality.
  • A free VPN doesn`t provide a full-fledged technical support.

As anonymity comes first, it`s better not to use a free VPN while solving serious questions. At a last resort, you can use an inexpensive VPN at a minimum rate. Anyway, a free VPN is a good choice for those who use it from time to time.

As anonymity comes first, it`s better not to use a free VPN while solving serious questions

There are 5 Free VPNs for Mac users

So, what are the best free VPN download for Mac in 2018?  We recommend you to focus on the following ones:

  1. Tunnel Bear

TunnelBear has an awesome app for Mac. The interface is extremely simple. That`s why it is perfect for those who just start using VPNs.It is, undoubtedly, provide security on the Internet! Other advantages are:

  • Fast speeds;
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • More than 20 servers worldwide;
  • 1GB extra data free if you tweet about Tunnelbear.

TunnelBear has an awesome app for Mac

  1. Windscribe

Winscride also has a simple and sustainable app for Mac. In spite of the fact that many users state that speeds are not high, Windscribe has a lot of advantages. Have a look:

  • Unlimited devices with one connection;
  • 10GB per month;
  • 11 locations all around the world.

Winscride also has a simple and sustainable app for Mac

  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield has two versions: premium and cost-free.  It’s considered as one of the fastest VPNs on the market. Other advantages:

  • 500 MB a day;
  • Superfast speeds;
  • Affords torrenting.

Hotspot Shield has two versions

  1. Hide.me

Unfortunately, you will gain only 3 servers and not very fast connection speed with a free account.  But there are some advantages:

  • No adds;
  • Full customer support;
  • 2 GB for month.

Unfortunately, you will gain only 3 servers and not very fast connection speed with a free account

  1. VPNGate

VPNGate is a volunteer project, which was created by the University of Tsukuba. The main advantages are:

  • Supports L2TP, IPSec, and OpenVPN;
  • Open source VPN software;
  • Supports torrenting.

VPNGate is a volunteer project

Top 3 Free Unlimited VPN for Mac users

Unfortunately, you won’t have many options if you want a VPN that’s both free and unlimited. Such VPNs usually have certain restrictions and disadvantages. Some of them can be used only on the desktop, have a dubious privacy policy and allow access to a few servers. Anyway, here is a list of top 3 free unlimited VPN for Mac:

1. Betternet

All of us are interested in privacy on the Internet. Betternet is an uncomplicated and free way to change the IP address. You don`t have to create an account for a rapid connection. The main disadvantage is a lack of choosing servers.

2. Opera VPN

Opera VPN runs only with its browser. You can link to the VPN free and without any limits if you are surfing the net using Opera browser. Even though the company rejected the app at the end of April 2018, you can still use the VPN in its browser.

3. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN derives from the team behind the email service ProtonMail.It is based in Switzerland, where privacy laws are very strong.  Moreover, ProtonVPN has a reliable privacy policy. You won`t have any problems with connection, because the countries with servers are well spread out.

The Best VPN for Mac users: conclusion

  • There is a huge amount of free VPNs for Mac.
  • Free VPNs are not always reliable and include some restrictions.
  • If you need the best services for your Mac and want be confident of security, it is better to try one of the top paid VPNs.
  • The prices of VPNs are not so high –a yearly or two-year subscription can cost you just a couple dollars per month.
  • Fee-paying VPNs usually suggest a wide range of servers throughout the world and provide with higher speeds. They are usually regarded as more secure and robust.
  • Paid VPN can ensure your privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

 Still, it is up to you what VPN to choose for your Mac device: free or paid.