Best Free VPN for Mac: What are the main features?

It is a widely known fact that Mac lovers stand out from the rest device users. They highly appreciate Apple products and try to do everything to protect them: use such Internet technologies as an effective YouTube proxy or other security measures.

Today we’re going to discuss free VPN providers for Mac. We will answer the question: “Are free VPNs worth using or not?”

 Let’s start.

We have already known from our previous articles that Mac devices are attacked less frequent than other OS gadgets. It is undoubtedly a plus point for Mac users. However, this fact doesn’t cross out the necessity to take extra measures for a secure and anonymous Internet connection.

A VPN is a well-liked technology nowadays. It is used by netizens all over the world. Some great news for Mac lovers: a VPN works well with all Mac computers. The choice of VPN providers on the market is really broad and sometimes it can be difficult to select this or that provider. Moreover, the existence of free VPNs for Mac confuses netizens and makes their choice even more difficult. But let’s see if a free VPN is a good solution for Mac?

Best Free VPN for Mac

Some Mac users prefer to evade free VPN services. It’s understandable – some free VPNs use suspicious strategies to earn money. Some of them are able to plant tracers on your Mac, others — sell your personal information to third parties. This is, however, the worst outcome.

Luckily, the most widespread disadvantages of free VPNs are not connected with your security online. Free providers usually limit their features for customers. They offer slow speeds, intrusive ads and pop-ups or limited data transfer. These restrictions make an Internet connection not so convenient and compel Mac users to pay for a trustworthy VPN. However, a free VPN is a good solution if you need a provider for a short term.

Features of a reliable VPN

Be careful and attentive while choosing the best VPN software for MAC OS. Pay attention to the following factors:


Improving privacy is the first thing why to use a VPN on Mac. Every time a Mac user surf the Internet, he or she put his/her data, that are stored on a Mac device, at risk. Every netizen can be easily traced by hackers or an ISP without a VPN. The situation will be even worse for those who use torrent trackers – an ISP can throttle bandwidth as punishment for using P2P clients. In this regard, you are to pay attention to the providers that use only robust and up-to-date encryption and protocols. Almost all trustworthy providers use 256-bit or at least 128-bit encryption. They are considered to be extremely reliable, even the fastest computer in the world will not manage to decode such kind of encryption. As for protocols, there are a lot of them. However, OpenVPN is the most robust today.


How can you be sure that a VPN will keep your information in secret? Read a privacy policy carefully and find a VPN that doesn’t save any logs. A no logs policy is a guarantee that your sensitive data will not be revealed. It is also vital to pay attention to servers. Free VPN servers are not always reliable and trustworthy, it’s better to choose those which are not located in one of the 14 Eyes countries.


One of the main problems of free servers is their low speeds. However, speeds are crucial if you are going to watch movies online, play computer games or download files. Find a provider which will allow you not to wait until something happens.

How to get the best free VPN for Mac

There are, actually, two ways to do this: to configure a VPN manually on your MacBook or download an application.

We’ve already mentioned that OpenVPN is the most robust protocol. However, it is impossible to configure it manually on your Mac device. You need to download third-party software first.

However, Mac users have some options for manually configuring of a VPN. These are some of them:

  • L2TP;
  • Tunnelblick (OpenVPN);
  • Viscosity (OpenVPN).

Many netizens prefer to download VPN apps for their Mac devices. Providers’ custom apps are really easier to install. Some of them come pre-figured with all the servers a customer needs. Moreover, they can include such features as a Kill Switch and DNS leak protection.

However, Mac users, who take their security on the Internet especially seriously, sometimes afraid of viruses, that can come with software, and prefer manual configuration. They consider it more robust and secure.

Pros and cons of an installed VPN application and a manual VPN connection:

VPN application Manual Configuration
+ Easier to install;

+ Faster server switching;

+ Saves your preferences for the future;

+ In-build Kill-Switch function and DNS leak protection (often).

+ Lower level of hacking risks;

+ Safer option if you’re going to use a VPN for a long term;

+ Allows to use a protocol of your choice;

+ Reduces a risk of getting viruses.

Not always compatible with Mac. − You need to be a technically-advanced user for this type of configuration.

As we can see, there are pros and cons to both methods. Manual configuration is a nice way out if your MacBook doesn’t support a native app of a provider. However, if you appreciate convenience and haven’t got enough time, the best free Mac VPN app is exactly what you need.


We’ve tried to find an answer to the following question: “Is a free VPN a good solution for Mac?” So, the answer is controversial. Undoubtedly, it is better to avoid free VPN providers for Mac. They are definitely not worth using. They raise questions in terms of security.

However, if you need a VPN for occasional use, you may try free servers of paid VPNs. Look through our list of the best components for a reliable VPN first. Of course, features of free plans are usually limited, but paid VPNs can guarantee secure and anonymous browsing. You can’t but agree that this thing is the most important while using a VPN.

If you are going to use a VPN for a long time, it’s better to pay for the best free Mac VPN software. Moreover, even the best VPNs often have a tariff at a reasonable price. They’re also ready to offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial.

Thank you for reading! Stay secure and safe while using your Mac! Good luck!