Can you define what is the biggest trouble for you: to fall victim to a robber in the dark street corner or to a virtual identity thief? If your answer is the second option, then keep on reading.

Have you ever heard of someone talking like this: ‘’I downloaded a mactheme and  someone hacked my Mac computer. What can I do? ’’ Have you? In case the answer is positive again, stay online!


Do you feel as if you were not completely private online? Do you suspect that your internet connection on your Mac isn’t safe enough? Again yes? From this day on you will definitely change your point of view on the internet safety and online defence.

Every second individual believes that he or she is an advanced computer user. Still the only thing they do for their online protection is installing anti-virus software. Oh, sorry… They update it from time to time, too.

At the time of internet hackers, snoopers, virtual spies and other online swindlers we can’t be 100%-safe on the network. But here’s the kicker: there even can be someone monitoring you via your web-camera.

There are various operating systems for personal computers nowadays. The developers of each of them create their own tools to provide a certain level of security for their users online and offline.

Millions of people use Mac OSX as it is believed to be very safe. Actually, Mac systems are getting more and more popular, there is also an increase in the malicious software. Of course, the Apple Mac computers are more secure than the Windows computers. Nevertheless, it is reported that Mac operating systems are attacked by hackers. There is a simple example for any Mac user: you may decide to download new macthemes for the computer and encounter hacking attacks or virus infection along with the downloaded software.

There are substantial risks for infecting your Mac system. Have a look at some examples:

  • Xagent malware can steal keywords and other data saved on your computer.
  • Notorious Fruitfly monitors users’ activity via their own web-cameras and takes photos of the sensitive information.
  • KeRanger encrypts all your data and you are offered to pay for its decoding. If you don’t pay, you will never be able to access it.

The examples prove that though Mac is more reliable than Windows or Linux, the users of Mac computers should also keep an eye on their online security and protection of their computer system. Even a sustainable OS needs additional protecting. Any Mac user should have bear in mind some hacks for it.


What can be done? How to defend yourself online?

The solution has been found by talented IT-specialists a few years ago. They invented VPN which is Virtual Private Network. It has become a life-line for those Mac users who care about being private and secure online.

What is VPN?

As you have read before, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. But what does it actually mean? We’ll try to explain to you in three simple sentences. Have a look:

Virtual: you will have a private virtual connection to websites on the network.

Private: your online activity will stay private for third parties.

Network: you will connect via a particular network of VPN servers all over the globe.

So, a VPN is a cool app to keep you invisible on the net and protect your Mac OS against cyber attacks.


You might be wondering what benefits you will get with a VPN for Mac OS.

Well, if you have a Mac VPN, you will….

  • secure your internet connecting;
  • protect your privacy;
  • access blocked web-content;
  • improve internet connectivity;

… and a lot of other goodies that will contribute to your privacy, security and anonymity on the net. Want to know the best part? You will also

  • access a business network when you travel;
  • get your home network available while travelling;
  • mask your online activity from the ISP;
  • bypass internet censorship;
  • download files via Bittorrent protocol anonymously

Do you still doubt that a VPN is necessary for Mac? Is free VPN for Mac worth trying? Keep on with us, and you will change your mind! If, however, the abovementioned arguments are feasible enough for you, you’d better find the best VPN for Mac as quickly as possible.

What Mac users can take advantage of VPNs?

VPNs will stand in good stead for people of different occupation, local and international companies, average computer users and even children. They will be beneficial for every individual who wants to keep his or her internet connection free from virtual threats.

Companies of various kinds will be able to keep their corporate network defended against information leaking, hacking and other undesired threats.

What do you need to know about VPNs?

VPN providers offer various VPN services with numerous features. They even can be free for user. What basic things about VPN services you should be aware of?

Firstly, a good VPN service must provide a strong encryption so that you can be protected against cyber attacks. Malware and viruses become even more sophisticated. VPNs should guarantee reliable protection

Secondly, pay attention to the servers they have: their locations, total number, in what countries they are situated. Respectable providers usually have plenty of them. One may choose the one that suit him or her for connecting.

Thirdly, find out whether they keep no-logging policy. Your internet privacy depends on it. May be you heard that certain providers might keep users’ logs.

Finally, check what operating systems VPN apps are compatible with. They should be compliant with the one you use. Actually, almost all VPNs work with any OS.

Thus, a VPN is an efficient tool which can decrease Mac users’s chances to be hacked online. In addition, it will hide you from spying eyes of snoopers, ISPs and governments. VPNs successfully work with various operating systems and types of devices. One may also benefit from fruitful features offered by numerous VPN providers for their users.

A VPN has become a part and parcel of a Mac computer as it is completely helpful for ensuring secure internet usage. We don’t know exactly who are our fellows or enemies on the web. We should always keep an ear to the ground! It is never too late start caring about your online safety and VPN will be a good friend for you. We hope that you will find the one for your needs!